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What you’ll get out of this 10-day Clean Detox plan:

The comprehensive guide provides healthy, balanced meals for you & your family. Developed from training in Naturopathic Medicine, these meals are sure to leave your body nourished and energized. Best of all, these meals can be made possible with ingredients from your pantry. All we use is real food. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Nothing expensive. All in the best interest of your health. Upon registration you will be added to a private Facebook group and receive continual support from me and education on many important health topics beginning on June 12th, 2017.  

recipe cards

Gut friendly

Address Food Sensitivities by removing the most common triggers.

minimum prep

Minimum prep

You will get ahead of the game with 30 minutes of weekend prep.  


From the pantry

Uses whole foods that have a mother or come from the ground.

“My energy has improved, and my bloating is gone!”

Vivian T.

“Several of these great recipes are now weekly favourites.”

Lindsey M.

We are designed to Consume Real Foods. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world were our food supply has been adulterated. We consume heavily processed, nutrient depleted, fiber stripped, added sugar foods. Many of us suffer from leaky gut and food sensitivities as a result of how our eating habits have changed. It is no coincidence that despite massive advances in health-care and nutrition research, globally we’re more overweight and sicker, with more chronic diseases than ever before. Getting back to eating real food is the first step toward improving our health and the food supply.

10 days sets the foundation for your future success.

Simply removing common allergenic foods for 10 days can have a profound effect on your hormones, digestion, energy, and even mood. While full benefits are typically seen after 4-6 weeks, many clients report feeling much better once fructose (added sugar) and inflammatory foods are removed. It is important to reduce your overall inflammation as it is an indicator for metabolic disease, which significantly increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes. All meals are free from nightshades, allergenic fruits, soy, problematic nuts, dairy, red meat, eggs, and added sugar.

Challenges create momentum

While ten days may not be long enough to leave you with a set of completely new diet habits, this program will give you the foundation to identify your unique food sensitivities. The program will leave you with a social media network that can support and encourage you along your health journey. In addition to personal momentum, completing social challenges together creates positive change in our communities. Together, we can fight back against obesity and chronic disease. We can start a movement. A movement towards eating more real foods that generate wellness and preserve health for years to come.

Don’t wait, maximize your health today.